Student ID Cards Maker Software


Student ID Cards Maker Software Screenshots

Live Group and Batch Processing Mode

Software has two modules to generate student ID cards. Select any one mode as we have selected 'Live Group and Batch Processing Mode' for demonstration purpose.

Start with new Project

Choose 'Start with new Project' to create new project and 'Select existing Project' to make changes in existing project. Enter Project Name, Project Path, Excel File Path and click 'Next' button.

Choose any one pre-defined template

Software has various card design samples, select any one ID Card Design. Enter card size and click 'Next' button.

Select excel column

Select excel sheet, excel column and click OK button.

Designed Student ID Card

Here you can see designed student ID card. To add photo on ID card, you can capture image using Camera option or you can browse path of image saved on your computer system.

Print Settings

Fill various print properties and click on Print button to print student identity cards.

Mac Users Click here for ID Card Designing Software for Mac