How to generate UPC barcode ?

Upca screenshots

Step-1: Select the Linear Barcode font option as shown in the figure above:

Then select barcode font type "UPCA Font".

There are Four Types of Barcode Settings

  • General Settings
  • Font Settings
  • Color Settings
  • Image Settings

General Settings

General Settings tab includes options as shown below-

Bearer Bar (Vertical) – Set the Vertical Bearer Bar value.

Bearer Bar (Horizontal) – Set the Horizontal Bearer Bar value.

Narrow to Wide Ratio – Set the Narrow to Wide Ratio value.

Character Grouping – Set the Character Grouping value.

Left and Right Margin (cm) – Set the Left and Right Margin.

Top and Bottom Margin (cm) – Set the Top and Bottom Margin.

Value Margin (cm) – Set the Value Margin.

Header Margin (cm) – Set the Header Margin.

Footer Margin (cm) – Set the Footer Margin.

Step-2: Font Settings:

Font Settings tab includes options as shown below-

Upca screenshots

Barcode Value Font: Select the Barcode Value Font.

Barcode Header Font: Select the Barcode Header Font.

Barcode Footer Font: Select the Barcode Footer Font.

Step-3:Color Settings:

Color Settings tab includes options below

Upca screenshots

Barcode Color: Select the Barcode Color.

Barcode Background Color: Select the Barcode Background Color.

Barcode Header Color: Select the Barcode Header Color.

Barcode Footer Color: Select the Barcode Footer Color.

Barcode Value Color: Select the Barcode Value Color.

Step-4: Image Settings:

Image Settings tab includes options as shown below-

Upca screenshots

Select Clipboard Image Type:

Bitmap (Bitmap is the type of image format used to store digital images)

Resolution Independent Metafile (Resolution Independent Metafile is a high resolution image file format to save the barcode label)

Image DPI: Enter the Image DPI (Dots Per Inch) value while you copy or save barcode image.

Orientation: Rotate the barcode image in 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

Note: Image DPI value changes are only applicable when Image Type “Bitmap” is selected.

Save Barcode: Click "Save Barcode" button to save the generated barcode label.

Copy Barcode: Click "Copy Barcode" button to copy the generated barcode label. You can paste the copied barcode in MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Paint etc.

Print: Click "Print" button to print the generated barcode label